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The best powder foundation for oily skin- And how to control it

If you face is usually shiny and tends to feel a little greasy, you have oily skin. And in these areas, you may find that you are more acne prone. Before we get into which is the best powder foundation for oily skin, let’s start with a few simple tasks that can help minimize some of the oil to start with.

Step one would be cleansing your face. Find a product that is made for oily skin. This can help eliminate some of the oil on your face. The product line I use is called Votre Vu. I use their toner, serum, and moisturizer. The toner is about $25 dollars, but you do need to use a toner. A lot of people tend to skip this step, but if you have oily skin this step is important.

These products tend to contain alcohol which can help to dry out some of the oil on your face. Your next step would be to moisturize. Even though you have oily skin this step shouldn’t be skipped.

There are numerous facial moisturizers that are made for oily skin.

Just take a little time to pick the one right products for you. For oily skin, you want to use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer designed specifically for oily skin. I myself have oily skin, and using the products for oily skin is part of my daily regimen.

There are also face masks that are made for oily skin, and these are great. I would suggest using a face mask at least once or twice a week.

Trying using a mask that will minimize pores. The smaller the pore, the less oil! By doing these very simple steps, which I’m sure you do every day, just try switching to oil-free products. It really does make a difference. And remember to not to skip moisturizing.

Even with oily skin, your face needs to be hydrated. This will also help the powder foundation to go on a little more smoothly. Like Votre Vu Peau Equilibree moisturizer for troubled skin. It costs around $55 on Amazon, but I’m telling you this is a great product and ships on Prime with free shipping.

Now let’s talk about which powder foundations for oily skin are the best. If you don’t like the feeling heavier feeling of regular foundation, then powder foundation would be the best choice for you. The first thing you are going to need to decide is whether you want a pressed powder or a loose powder.

Pressed powder is what you see that comes in a compact form. I’m sure you’ve seen them in stores and online, and a loosed powder is simply that, a loose powder that you would a apply with a powder brush.

I personally use the loose face powder at home, the carry a pressed powder for touch-ups when I’m on the go. Carrying a loose powder around may become a little messy, but the choice is yours.

Whichever type of powder foundation you choose to use, make sure it’s a mattifying formula because these are the best for oily skin. Make sure you apply the above steps first. By doing that you give your foundation the chance to work best.

A great powder foundation is MAC studio fix powder plus foundation. This comes in a compact form so that you can carry it with you everywhere. Another great product for oily skin is Bobbi Brown Skin weightless Powder foundation, Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation.

All of these are in the top running for best powder foundation for oily skin. I use Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation myself, but if I decide to use a regular foundation for the day like if I just need extra coverage, I do use Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear for oily skin.

Now if you decide to go with loose face powder, some of the best ones are Clinique Blended face, and if you buy it online you buy it on Amazon you’ll get a FREE brush with it! Now that’s a deal! Another wonderful loose powder product is by It Cosmetics.

They have a great formula called BYE BYE PORES. I also use this product. It truly has a way to sort of blur your imperfections, especially if you have acne.  Another great you should try is PRIORI All- Natural loose powder foundation.

It truly has skin loving agents like SPF25 And 30 antioxidants. I’ve never tried this product although the reviews are great, but I think I will! One of my other favorites is Bare Minerals. They also have skin loving agents and are talc, binders, and filler free.

It does come in a matte formula that I believe you’ll love. If you’ve never tried it, I would recommend you give it a try. All of the above foundations, whether pressed powder or the loose powder, they are all made for oily skin.

You could definitely keep your oily skin under control by following the cleansing, toning and moisturizing steps. It’s the groundwork. By not doing these steps your also going to be keeping acne under control. Where’s there’s oil, there’s acne!

I feel makeup alone is not enough. It may cover the problem temporarily, but if you want your powdered foundation to work correctly, you’ve got to learn how to keep your oily skin under control.

It’s really not that complicated. And you can definitely do it with whichever products you feel are going to work the best for you. Just remember choice ALL oil-free products!

Not just your daily cleansing routine, I mean all of you face products. If you’re buying anything for your face, it should be oil-free. Even your makeup remover should be oil-free.

Just remember that buying products that are not oil-free, could result in pimples, blackheads and all sorts of face dilemmas. Trust me I suffer from adult acne, but I have my skin routine just like the one above and it definitely keeps my oil and my acne under control. Thank goodness!

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