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Fingernail Polish Designs

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Some people like to keep their nails short,  while others choose to have them long.

Let’s face it when you’re sitting down talking to someone you’re going to notice their hands. And for that reason, alone people get manicures or get artificial nails. The way one polishes their nails can tell you a lot about the person. If their nails are polished in a nude or French/American manicure is someone keeping it simple.

If a person has red or long dark nails may mean that they’re a little more daring. I love a long red nail, but typing on a keyboard simply doesn’t allow it, but trust me I try and work way around it! Nail art has become absolutely huge in the nail world!

Some people like to rock those pretty diamonds and others like a little nail art. It is crazy what some of these nail technicians could do. They can make all sorts of letters and pictures it’s actually mind-boggling. 

Whether your getting your nails painted at a salon, or if you go out and buy your own nail polish, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Cvs actually carries these stickers that you can put right on top of your nail polish for design. It’s actually kind of genius and extremely easy to use.

With a steady hand, you simply pull the sticker from the paper and at first align it with your nail gently so that you can get the design exactly where you want.

The same applies to those little crystals only they may be a little more difficult to put on. I would recommend actually going to the nail salon to have them applied unless you are a master pro at it, so I say go for it!

There are so many things you could do with your nails, but this page would turn it into a book if I actually went through all the different techniques.  Just remember to not be scared to try something new. I’m sure that some of you are going to love the designs and some of you won’t, but that is why nail polish remover was invented.

If you try something different and you absolutely hate it, use nail polish remover and bang! You are now ready to try something new. Play around with different colors so you could see what suits you best. You may also want to play with different lengths.

There’s the short length, which I call office work length. There’s the medium length which is probably the most popular, then there’s the long length, which is the length I typically go with, and we have all seen those extremely long nails which makes me wonder how they could get anything done. But if you can pull that length off, then more power to ya, because I certainly couldn’t, trust me I’ve tried them before!

If you want to rock a simple look and use your own natural nails and not artificial, all you would need is a simple manicure and can put something like a french manicure or you could choose a color, and don’t forget to try some nail art!


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