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Best stay lipsticks reviews

Matte lipsticks are the lipsticks that stay on your lips the best. The texture of the matte lipstick is a little dryer than creamy lipstick allowing it to stay on your lips longer.

Matte lipsticks also come in a liquid form which is my personal favorite. However, I still use regular matte lipsticks which I have a ton of. If you find the matte lipsticks are to dry for you, you could add a little bit of lip balm which will make it a little less dryer.

Another great thing that works, if you like shine is to put your favorite lipgloss over your matte lipstick. The color of the lipstick will show through if you use a clear lipgloss.

Almost every makeup line carries matte lipsticks now. That’s how popular they’ve become. I actually own about 20 matte lipsticks and the same amount in liquid matte lipsticks. So let’s talk about some of the best matte lipsticks and liquid matte lipsticks.

LIME CRIME is one of my absolute favorites when it comes matte liquid lipsticks. They carry a line called Matte Velvetines in some of the most beautiful colors. The wear is comfortable without over-drying your lips.

I wear it all the time and people actually comment on how pretty my lipstick looks. If you’ve never tried Lime Crime and are looking for a good liquid matte lipstick, I highly recommend you try it.

MAC matte lipsticks actually have a creamy texture that then turns matte. They have a ton of colors that come in this formula. When I wear it, it starts off creamy then turns into a matte texture.

Their new collection Powder Kiss Lipstick is a moisture matte texture with a weightless formula. This is another brand that I recommend.

L’OREAL Paris Rouge Signature liquid lipstick is a lightweight matte colored ink that delivers a stain like feel with color. It is an ultra comfortable feel with less texture with a healthy even dye of color.

L’oreal also has a brand called INFALLIBLE Pro Matte liquid lipstick has a finish that lasts up to 16 hours with high impact colors.

I’ve tried this brand before and it does deliver what it claims. It has lasted all night for me! And the colors are fabulous. If you like the color red, give this product a try!

There’s a lipstick line at my local Cvs store called JOAH that I’m obsessed with. Their lipsticks are called Smack-A-Ron matte velvet lipstick which is different than others because their matte lipsticks are gel-like. They’re so smooth and creamy at application.

They also carry liquid matte lipsticks as well for really great prices! Definitely worth trying. You don’t always have to pay a fortune for great matte lipsticks.

Another brand that has been taking the industry by storm is KYLIE COSMETICS. There are Kylie Cosmetic Koko K Lip Kits that come with matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner.

She also has a line called Basic Velvet Liquid Lipstick which is similar to the matte lipstick but claims to be a bit creamier.

I’ve tried the Birthday Edition liquid lipstick mini mattes that come in 6 different colors that I feel is a must-have. The colors range from light to dark so there’s a color for every occasion.

I have also used Kylie’s lipglosses and I am a huge fan! They come in a large variety of colors, so if you are into lipglosses as well, I would definitely look into this brand!

This next matte lipstick not only works well but you can get it at a great price. MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Color. It comes in some of the boldest colors around. It’s a name brand that’s been around and for a reason.

It features highly pigmented color with long-lasting wear and leaves an ultra smooth matte finish. It can last up to 16-hour wear. They have lipsticks that come in many different formula’s but their mattes are one of their best.

The last matte lipstick on my list is TOO FACED MELTED MATTE LIQUIFIED MATTE LIPSTICK.  This innovative formula applies like a gloss, but dries as an opaque matte lipstick and better yet it actually plumps and fills your lips.

They also have Melted Matte Tallic which is similar to the matte liquified matte lipstick only it has a beautiful metallic-like finish. So if you like to be daring, this is for you.

Well, ladies, those were just a few of my favorite matte lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks. I obviously couldn’t write down each of my favorites or I’d run out of room, but each brand has something great to offer.

Try as many as you can. Or perhaps you have a favorite you’d like to share with me and I would love to hear about it! Just leave it in the comment section and we add it to the list. Viva la lipstick!








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6 thoughts on “Best stay lipsticks reviews”

  1. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    To be honest your review is really helpful for me. I was actually able to make some decisions on my purchase. I learned a lot about the stay lipsticks. You should have went through a lot of research for bring together this article. It was insightful and very helpful. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much for your reply, please keep coming back to my page for more beauty tips. Thank you for your reply! 

  2. Kira Price says:

    Yes indeed! I have the whole M>A.C bag full of matte lipstick. My absolute faves are the reds, the ruby woo, this new red I am trying called D for Danger. Love this article! I haven’t tried that gloss over matte trick, how awesome! My lipsticks, eyeliner,, and even concealer lasts so long. It is such a great investment

    1. admin says:

      It really is., I’m loving the new makeup sticks that you can use as a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. Maybe I’ll write about that next. Thank you for your reply.

  3. Danny Barley says:

    I thought your article and list of different types and brands of lipsticks was very informative.  If a woman is looking for different lipsticks and whether they prefer matte or liquid, your website would be a great place to start with.  If they follow you and value your opinion, they will read your review and advice and buy these through your links.  

    Your post on different brands of lipsticks and finishes are written well and can be followed easily by women looking for lipsticks and with desires to fill their makeup table or cabinet with them.   I think you gave some great advice and I believe many women will read and follow your advice on these lipsticks that you like yourself.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much for the reply. It is appreciated.

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